About Us


Founded in 1990 by parents of Mohawk athletes who were concerned that without outside financial help, athletics at Mohawk would cease to exist.  The original group of parents came up with creative fundraising options including an Annual Funfest and Meadow Muffin Derby to raise necessary funds to allow Athletic programming at Mohawk to continue.


Today’s MAA continues this mission nearly 30 years later.  Meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the High School cafeteria.  Our organization is always accepting new members!  All are welcome to attend a meeting.  If you would like to join and have voting rights simply pay the annual dues of $1. (The same amount as it was back in 1990!)


If you don’t want to commit to meetings every month, that’s okay!  There are many additional ways to participate. 

Mohawk Athletic Association

2019-2020 Officers

President - Tammy Shippee

Vice President - Craig Suhre

Secretary - Mandi Summers

Treasurer - Leah M. Phillips

Media Officer - Chris Van Vleet