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Mohawk Athletic Association

Join with us as we continue the mission to support athletics at Mohawk.

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Thank you for your support
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Mohawk students in the community



The M.A.A. is a parent, student, and community member group which fund raises and finances many vital aspects of Mohawk Athletics which may include but is not limited to uniform purchase, gear, booster apparel, championship apparel and financial support for sports fees. It was started in 1990 by a group of determined, community-minded parents who wanted to ensure that sports at Mohawk would continue even under the threat of budget cuts. They rolled their sleeves up and got to work! This positive, can do attitude has persisted due to the continued volunteerism of many dedicated people over the years.

MAA 2023-2024 Officers

President - Tammy Shippee

Vice President - Craig Suhre

Secretary - Mandi Summers

Treasurer - Leah M. Phillips

Media Officer - Chris Van Vleet

Today MAA continues this mission nearly 30 years later.  Meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the High School cafeteria.  Our organization is always accepting new members!  All are welcome to attend a meeting.  If you would like to join and have voting rights simply pay the annual dues of $1. (The same amount as it was back in 1990!)

There are many opportunities throughout the year for you to volunteer time for the MAA.  We all have something unique to contribute. Volunteerism requires a committed community to achieve great results, so please spread the word and make the effort – it will be worth it!


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