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From Josh Rode '14


Mohawk Athletics continues to change my life every day.  I strive for more because it has helped me understand what I am truly capable of.  My friends and I are still able to bond in conversation over our successes and failures.  And every time life gets to me and something drags me down, I have the track.  Whether its 7:20 in the morning or 11:45 at night, it’s still there waiting for me.  I run and feel like I'm wearing my uniform and taking a baton pass one last time.  It feels just the same as it did before.  And that feeling is what keeps me going.

Letter from the Wrestling Coach

-Mark Biagini-

In 2014, two students approached me to ask if they could start a wrestling team. Through some sustained effort, we were given permission to tag along with the Pioneer Valley Regional school’s wrestling team. We wore their uniforms, and wrestled as a “club team’. I volunteered my time, and we went all season as Pioneers tagalongs.

In 2015, we were given our Mohawk uniforms, headgear, and a mat given to us from Athol schools. Franklin Tech took us under their wing and invited us into all of their tournaments, I scraped together matches from nearby school, and we carved out a season. We were not in a league, and most schools did not want to risk their rankings on a “nobody” team, so matches were hard to come by.

By 2016, we were making some noise through our continued presence and our talented athletes. We were given warm-ups and finally started to look like a team. Nearby schools scheduled more matches with us, and we started to feel like a wrestling team.

In 2017, we were put into the Tri-County league. We are now Champions in that league. As we get ready for the Western Mass DIII tournament, I am proud to announce that we have 5 of our 8 Varsity wrestlers seeded. Ranked 6th in Western Mass are Tristan Keyser-Parker at 106 lbs, and Mason Biagini at 170 lbs. Ranked 5th in Western Mass are Dylan Wooldridge at 145 lbs, and Gabe Bower at 182 lbs. Our highest ranking wrestler this year is our senior captain Jameson Dailey-Pecor. He is now ranked 2nd in Western Mass at 160 lbs.

I would like to thank the Mohawk Administration for their faith and continuing support; Pioneer, for their generosity; and Franklin Tech for their patience and guidance. Mohawk Athletic Association has been a generous supporter, helping us get uniforms and warm-ups. Without all of these people behind us, our students would never have had the opportunity to experience this amazing journey.

You can stay up to date by joining our team page on facebook, Mohawk Wrestling 2017-18.

Madison Boucias ‘16

"Doing sports at Mohawk such as Cross Country running, XC skiing, and Track/field has given me a boost in confidence and made me feel stronger and in better shape then ever before. Being in shape after a nice, long distance run in cross country, or a short distance run and a good, hard workout on the track while pushing myself past my limits and boundaries gives me an incredible feeling. If I had not joined cross country and track I would have never met the great, incredible friends that I have shared so many special moments with. The sports memories are times that I will never forget.  My most recent favorite memories are winning the league title for Track then four days later winning the Western Mass Division 2 Championship while running my PR in the 800m run and a PR in the mile at the West/Central Championship meet a week later."

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