Josh Rode



"Mohawk Athletics continues to change my life every day.  I strive for more because it has helped me understand what I am truly capable of.  My friends and I are still able to bond in conversation over our successes and failures.  And every time life gets to me and something drags me down, I have the track.  Whether its 7:20 in the morning or 11:45 at night, it’s still there waiting for me.  I run and feel like I'm wearing my uniform and taking a baton pass one last time.  It feels just the same as it did before.  And that feeling is what keeps me going."


Madison Boucias ‘16

"Doing sports at Mohawk such as Cross Country running, XC skiing, and Track/field has given me a boost in confidence and made me feel stronger and in better shape then ever before. Being in shape after a nice, long distance run in cross country, or a short distance run and a good, hard workout on the track while pushing myself past my limits and boundaries gives me an incredible feeling. If I had not joined cross country and track I would have never met the great, incredible friends that I have shared so many special moments with. The sports memories are times that I will never forget.  My most recent favorite memories are winning the league title for Track then four days later winning the Western Mass Division 2 Championship while running my PR in the 800m run and a PR in the mile at the West/Central Championship meet a week later."

Mohawk students and your community:


There are many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer your time for the MAA.  It takes a village and we all have something unique to contribute.  Scan the list, what  appeals to you?  Can you attend a monthly meeting? Can you work the concession stand during a basketball game? see below for more opportunities. If you would like more information on any of these volunteer options, please contact us at


at Shelburne and Ashfield Transfer Stations

Shelburne and Ashfield Redemption/Recycable

Contact is:

Kathy Cairns  413-325-6756

Basketball Concessions

Selling 50/50 raffle tickets at Football Games

Annual SFBA Dinner

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